Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lobsta anyone?

Last week was full of food. Delicious, fatty food.  Well, every week is filled with food really. :D

On Tuesday night, Sponsoree was so nice and picked up Fanny, Victoria, and I one by one at our houses. We first went to Palace in Sunnyvale for some all you can eat Korean bbq. We were definitely not hungry enough to eat our money's worth, but we wanted to save room for dessert. Somehow, we all decided to get our own dessert and we all finished it too. Tried out a new Asian dessert place in San Jose called Hello Desserts. At this point, I'm trying really, really hard not to fall asleep from my food coma haha.

Off the Grid comes to Alameda every Saturday, so Katie and I decided to grab some lunch. It was my first time trying out Lobsta Truck. I've never seen this truck before, but that lobster roll was SO GOOD. The bread was perfectly crunchy and buttery. MMMM

Sunday brunch is one of my favorite meals. If my tummy could fit it all, I would eat waffles, pancakes, and french toast everytime. This is from American Oak in Alameda. The restaurant was very nice inside, but the service was meh. I also don't know if the food is really worth the price. The french toast was good, but I still like old school American diner food more.

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