Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Favorite Fashion Blogs

No matter how much I love makeup and watching beauty tutorials on Youtube and shopping at Sephora, my first love will always be fashion. If anyone follows me on Tumblr, literally 75% of my posts are pretty dresses.  I wanted to share my favorite fashion blogs, since I read these blogs almost daily. Some of these bloggers, I've been following for years and years, long before they became as famous. I think they all have their own unique style and I just love looking at the pictures!

She is hands down my favorite fashion blogger. If I could raid anyone's closet, it would be Nicole Warne's. I think I'm most jealous of her travels though, she's always moving around, and she just never slows down. And her pictures are always gorgeous! She does lots of campaigns for companies like Lancome and Louis Vuitton.

Another blogger I've been following for a long time, I wouldn't say I love her style, but it's definitely unique to her. Alix has daily blog posts and I don't think I've ever seen her repeat a single item of clothing. Her clothes are always super adorable, with cats too! Also, her Parisian apartment will make you swoon.

Carrie just quit a job at Asos to blog full time. Her style is definitely more laid-back and wearable for everyday. She also posts about beauty and food and everything in between. I love her 60s vibe, especially her perfect cat eyeliner!

The Coveteur takes you behind the scenes of the world's most prestigious brands. They interview celebrities, designers, bloggers, models, etc.  They take you into their own closets, homes, places you don't normally see. It's an interesting website to browse, because you never know who they might interview.

He's the guy that first got me interested in street fashion. The Sartorialist portrays fashion in the most natural form. They're pictures of daily life, not on the runway. The subjects look relaxed, and not like they're posing. It's not a blog with the prettiest pictures or anything, but it gives you a different feel for the fashion world.

Are there any fashion bloggers you follow? I love discovering new blogs!

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