Friday, September 26, 2014

GLAMGLOW - Gift Sexy

Hello lovelies! I hope you haven't missed me too much! I know I haven't been writing much, it's just been one of those months. So once again, I was #feelingspendy (who watches Amelia Liana on YouTube too?) and when I saw this set in my Sephora email, I knew I was going to buy it. I've tried samples of the THIRSTYMUD and YOUTHMUD before, and I knew I LOVED the THIRSTYMUD. By the way, I suggest everyone to go into Sephora and try samples of these masks before you buy it, just in case you get a reaction to them. The people in Sephora are always very willing to give samples (you can get up to 3 samples I think) out and it's better to test expensive products out before you put down money on them.

This is a limited edition set Sephora brought out for the holiday seasons, so I suggest grabbing one before it goes away. Gift Sexy retails for $69.00, the same price as one full sized mask. You get a full sized 1.7 oz THIRSTYMUD, and two 0.5 oz SUPERMUD and YOUTHMUD. The regular 0.5 oz YOUTHMUD retails for $19.00, so this is a really good deal.

It comes in a pretty box with a bow. I think you spend the money on the packaging seriously.

Oooh so pretty!


I've never tried the original GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD mask, but that's the most popular one. My skin is very dry and dehydrated though, so THIRSTYMUD is perfect for me. I'm going to be on a plane in a few days, so this is good to put on the flight to prevent my skin from freaking out (that recycled air >_<). It has a nice coconut-y smell too. These masks might be in a favorites post soon, and I'll go more into details then. 

Has anyone tried these masks before? And which one's your favorite? :D

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