Friday, January 23, 2015

LORAC Nude Skinny Palette

This palette was so difficult to find. I searched every website and was always so close, but it was always sold out. The LORAC Skinny Palette retails for a whopping $15.00 USD. SUCH A GOOD DEAL.  The packaging, as suggested by the name, is very skinny. Perfect for traveling or for touch ups. 
You get seven shades of warm neutrals ranging from pale to dark. It's easy to create a simple daytime look or you can do a smokey eye too. All these colors are good quality shadows, like all LORAC palettes. The wear time for these are at least 7 hours.

The colors don't have names, so I'll try to describe the colors going from left to right.

#1 is a matte, pale, white beige. It's my least favorite color of the bunch, but the color can be used on the brow bone for highlighting.

#2 is a shimmery golden copper. One of the two metallic finishes in this palette. Intensely pigmented, the texture is buttery soft as well.

#3 is a matte, light tan color. Probably the most buildable and blendable color.

#4 is a matte, dark brown. Not a standout color, but the pigment is good. 

#5 is my favorite of them all. An orange, copper with a metallic finish. Amazing color payoff with a soft texture.

#6 is a medium golden brown with a metallic finish. Good pigmentation and easy to blend.

#7 is a dark, burgundy brown. Mostly matte with some sparkles. Color payoff was the worst, but the texture was still super soft.

Has anyone tried this palette yet? :)

*If you're looking to purchase this, try Nordstrom Rack or, which is where I bought mine.

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