Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Back to Davis

 A spontaneous trip to Davis this weekend was the perfect distraction from work. We were still deciding whether or not to go Friday night. Fanny was supposed to drive. *cough cough* Anyways, it was definitely worth the drive up, just to see some familiar faces and be able to completely relax. Don't be fooled by that red cup, I didn't end up wasted. It was nice to see that the people in Davis haven't really changed.
Fanny and I literally ate all weekend, but it was all so good! I loved seeing my little line, and it makes me so happy that they haven't forgotten about me. Everyone's growing up so fast!

We woke up super early on Sunday and took a little walk along the bike trail. Fanny couldn't help herself and had to take pictures with the little patch of dandelions in the grass. We're such grandmas now, can't even sleep in when we want to anymore. So sad...

Ended our Davis adventures getting lunch with sponsoree #1 at Burgers and Brew. Been craving their burger and fries since I moved back home...yummmm.

Overall, a nice and relaxing weekend. It does make me miss being back at school and being able to hangout with people so easily. It seems that no matter how much you say you miss someone, it can never compare to them physically being right there.

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