Monday, March 3, 2014

February Favorites

February always goes by so fast, which means this blog is officially one month old! Decided I would share some of the products I've used and loved this month. Some have been favorites for a while, but I want to share them anyway.

This cleansing balm is the first one I've ever tried, but I really like how it's non-irritating, especially for my sensitive skin. It's been extremely effective, even taking off my impossible waterproof mascara. I only use this for my eyes, and you only need a little bit. Normally, I wet my face, and then rub it in gently. This stuff doesn't burn your eyes at all, which is perfect, since I tend to rub it straight into my eyeballs sometimes.

I am the laziest person when it comes to my hair, I don't take care of it at all, so leave-in conditioner is a must. My hair has been dyed so many times, it feels like a broom and looks like it too sometimes. They didn't have the original It's a 10 in the store, so I bought this one. I don't know how this compares, but it does the job. It makes my hair so soft and smooth. A must try for lazy ones like me.

I'm definitely not the only one, but this winter has made my skin the driest it's ever been. I wash my hands a lot too, so it gets dry and cracked, even bleeding sometimes. I heard the Body Shop hand creams were moisturizing, so I decided to buy this to try, since they were having a sale too. I use this at night right before bed, and my hands have felt so much softer, so no more scaly alligator hands!

If you don't know this already, lippies are my favorite makeup product. It brightens up your face, even when you have nothing else on. 
Revlon's Just Bitten Balm Stains are always in my bag, and my favorite color is this one in the picture, Romantic. The color is a bright, pinky red. It's so moisturizing and amazingly long lasting, you don't even really need to put a lip balm under it. Even after I wipe my mouth, the red color is still bright.
NYX's butter glosses are so popular, and I can see why. The color I have here is Red Velvet; it is totally different from the color of the packaging, which can trick you. Red Velvet is more of a dark fuchsia than a dark red. The glossiness is just right, since I hate glosses that look like you have too much product on your lips. And the pigmentation is incredible. I wouldn't say it's extremely long lasting, especially after you eat, but it's still really good.
Maybelline's Elixirs have the cutest packaging. It's a gloss, but the shape looks like a lipstick in a clear casing. The only color I have is Rose Redefined, which is a pale pink color. It was difficult choosing which color to get, because they look really similar. This is not a stain, but I like how the shininess and color last for hours, without the need to reapply for that slight, glossy look.

I can't believe I'm putting an eye shadow as a favorite, but this is definitely one. Maybelline's Color Tattoos are loved by so many people, but I never dared to try it, since it's a cream shadow, which I'm scared of. However, this is so easy to apply and the color payoff is amazing. My favorite color of the bunch is Bad to the Bronze, which is a taupey, bronze with a bit of shimmer in it. I tested this out multiple times, where I wore it for over 6 hours, and it didn't crease at all, or at least not noticeably.

So who doesn't like chocolate, especially makeup that smells like it? I definitely like this Too Faced Chocolate Soleil over the NARS Laguna bronzer, because this one is matte and more pigmented. Sometimes I can go a little bit overboard with my brush, but this bronzer is extremely blendable, so mistakes are easy to fix.

My holy grail liquid eyeliner (yes I said it), this Stila eyeliner surprised me with its long lasting powers. I have the oiliest lids, gross I know, but it makes it so hard to find an eyeliner. I still use eye primer, so it lasts even longer. This eyeliner can last 8 plus hours on me, without smudging at all. It's extremely black, and you can create the perfect flick at the end. I've been recommending this to everyone, and once this one runs out, I'm definitely buying another one right away.

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