Sunday, June 8, 2014

OneRepublic and The Script

Happy Sunday everyone! I just had the most amazing time last night! I went to the OneRepublic concert! AHHHH :)  They were seriously sooo good live. Ryan Tedder's voice just makes you melt. The Script and American Authors opened for them and they were amazing too! Everyone sounds exactly like they're supposed to and it was just so much fun! Danny, the lead singer for the Script, actually called a random girl's ex-boyfriend and sang a whole song to him on the phone! That was seriously one of the highlights of the night. When OneRepublic started singing "Something I Need", which is my favorite song off their Native album, I just swooned. Ryan Tedder said he wrote this song after not being able to sleep, and one night, he looked over at his wife and he wanted to live and die with her. Oh boy. Sighhhh.

Messy curls and simple makeup for the concert.


me and Alice

American Authors

Danny from the Script ran into the crowd, he was so close!!

The Script



Thank you for a wonderful performance!

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