Thursday, June 12, 2014

Zara Summer Picks

Summer is officially here and the weather has been proving it. I hope everyone is staying cool wherever they are! Of course I was browsing online and eyed up a few things. Heh :)
T'is the season of flowy dresses and bright colors, so I added some pinks and yellows in here.

This maxi skirt has POCKETS. POCKETS! And it's a gorgeous pink color as well. But POCKETS. Skirts can pull any look together, you can just add a simple top.
I love shirts that have interesting backs, and this one is an open back with three little bows. It's cute and simple, very easy to pair with jeans, shorts, or skirts.

Been seeing these metallic sandals on a few Youtubers, and I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. They add an edgy look to your outfit. 
Same with motorcycle jackets. I love wearing dresses and flowery tops with a black leather jacket on top.

This white dress is super casual, but it can be dressed up as well. I've been really liking this trend of a separate top and bottom, but it's still in one piece.
Bright red sandals are perfect for this time of year and these look super comfy too!

I used to have this mustard yellow bag years ago and I loved it and was so sad the day it broke. I saw this one and it just brought back memories of that bag. Anyways. Love the color and shape!
Nautical stripes can be worn all year round, but especially during the summer. This dress also has POCKETS! It's a relaxed fit and is a good length. You can pair it with sandals and you're good to go.

Let me know which is your favorite item and what you've been loving for summer! :)

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