Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little Life Update And A Little Haul

Hello there! I'm back! I really do apologize about the lack of posts, but as some of you know, I was on vacation in Europe and I did not have access to a computer and I also wanted to not spend my time thinking about anything. But I wanted to write this little post updating you guys and showing you all some things I picked up over there and a couple things I bought in duty free, because why not?

First things first, the product I'm the most excited about and this is something I've been debating about for almost a whole year, is the Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay cologne ($120 USD for 100ml). I was at the JFK airport and I was so happy to see a little Jo Malone store, and I went in smelling everything, but in my heart, I think I already knew which scent I wanted. I splurged on the bigger bottle, just because it's so much more worth it. They really do know how to suck you in, especially with the pretty packaging. Another thing I picked up at the airport was the MAC 217 brush. This was definitely an impulse purchase. Oops. No regrets though, it's so fluffy and soft!

I tried to limit shopping for clothes when I was over there, because my suitcase wasn't very big and everything is just so expensive (when you convert euros into dollars, it's depressing). I loved browsing all the flea markets and outdoor markets though. These markets go on for blocks and they sell everything and anything! 

In Amsterdam, we stopped by the Albert Cuyp market, and I fell in love with this old, pocket watch necklace. The design was so interesting and I loved the vintage look and color. We got to talking with the older Vietnamese man selling the necklaces and he was so nice. It was very quiet at the market that day because it was raining. He told us to come back to Amsterdam again and he gave us each a small bracelet as a gift (I picked purple of course).

When we got to Berlin, our trip was halfway over! The markets in Berlin are normally on Sundays only, so it gets crazy packed with tourists and locals. One vendor in particular caught my attention. He was selling bright colored bowls and cups. (Am I weird for liking this kind of stuff?) So yes, I spent 4 euros on a tiny, purple bowl. Look how cute it is!

Last stop was Rome. I always hear European bloggers talking about Kiko Cosmetics, so I really wanted to try some of their products. The two products I bought were:

I haven't used them yet, but when I swatched them in the store, the colors were gorgeous and so pigmented.

Sorry about the long post! But I have tons of blog posts coming your way, I'm going to do a little photo diary for each city that I went to. Hope you enjoyed reading and I missed you all! :)

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