Friday, November 7, 2014

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Next stop: Amsterdam! This city was absolutely breathtaking. Everywhere you walk are canals, but somehow you never get bored of them. The houses are slightly tilting, because the city was built on marshes, but it gives the city character. We went on a free walking tour the first day we were there and the guide was super helpful. If we went exploring on our own, we would have missed so much, such as the tiniest house in Amsterdam!

It was raining all 3 days we were here, which sucked, but I guess we experienced real Amsterdam October weather. It would rain cats and dogs for 10 minutes and the sun would suddenly come out, it was like this the whole time. So any blue skies you see in these pictures was a very rare and precious moment for me to take out my camera! The canal ride at night was so much fun, we went on it at night, so it gave us a different view of the city. 

One of my favorite places that we saw was the Rijksmuseum, which has the I AM Amsterdam sign in front of it. It was so hard to stick myself in these pictures, people need to learn to take pictures faster, it was so crowded!

Say hello to my little furry friend. We went to a cat boat, which is pretty much a shelter, and you can adopt the kitties. This little guy was just chilling outside on a bench.

The little houseboats are adorable. You see them everywhere and the small glimpses inside people's homes were so interesting! I would love to live on a boat and ride it down all the canals.

Albert Cuyp market. It was fortunately not crowded this day because it was extremely cold and rainy. We got to take our time and stroll down the whole street and even got to talking with one of the vendors who sold us some jewelry. I wish I can go back :(

The chocolatey goodness of a fresh made waffle. Mmmm. I'm still reminiscing about this.

On our last day in Amsterdam, we decided to get some Dutch pancakes before heading to the airport. We went to the Pancake House, which was named "Best Pancakes in Amsterdam", so of course we had to go. You can't tell from the picture, but this thing was massive and we got full halfway through! Delicious though, California needs a Dutch pancake restaurant.

Anyone from Amsterdam? Or has anyone been there before? :)

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