Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bite Beauty - Best Bite Remix

Pomegranate, Sablé, Rhubarb, Winterberry

Hey everyone! I've been trying to stick to a schedule lately, to post at least three times a week. So far so good and I'm going to try my hardest to keep myself motivated to keep up this blog.

So November is finally here and that means all the brands are bringing out their holiday sets! If you haven't checked the Sephora website lately, you should, like right now. I saw this Bite Beauty set online and I wanted it so badly. It retails for $25.00 USD and you get four shades. The lip pencils come in a cute, little tin box with a decent sized mirror. Even if you don't use this to hold the products, it's useful for holding things in your purse. Bite Beauty is exclusive to Sephora, so this is a good chance to try out their products if you've been eyeing this brand.

Bite brought out two new shades for these High Pigment lip pencils, Winterberry and Sablé, just for this holiday set. My favorite shades are Winterberry and Rhubarb. All these colors are super pigmented and creamy. Not exactly matte, but not super shiny either. These aren't drying on the lips and has pretty good staying power.

The Sephora site describes Rhubarb as "plum rose", Sablé as "nude", Pomegranate as "rose berry", and Winterberry as "festive raspberry red".

Rhubarb, Sablé, Pomegranate, Winterberry

Do you know what you all want to buy during the Sephora sale coming up? My shopping cart is full already, but I'm always open to recommendations! Have you tried Bite Beauty products before? Which is your favorite? :)

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